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Why Developing Leadership Skills is Important to the Success of Your Business

Due to the competitive nature of the world today, Developing Leadership Skills are crucial to the success of any business.

True leadership cannot be appointed or assigned, Developing your Leadership Skills is the only way to get people to follow you. There is a common misconception that managing and leading are one in the same. Managing is maintaining a system or process and leadership is the ability to influencing people.

Some people are born with confidence and natural charisma which naturally compels others to follow them but for most people Developing Leadership Skills is their key to success.

Developing Leadership Skills will give you the ability to lead others and yourself in the direction you want your business to grow. The ability to define how you want your business to grow and exactly how you are going to get there is the first step in Developing Leadership Skills.

Developing Leadership Skills means leading, directing, and taking action toward your business goals everyday. …

Why Leaders Can't Delegate Onboarding To HR


It’s that very corporate sounding work for what used to be called New Employee Orientation.

If you work in a large organization, your HR department likely has created a process for doing this – and while the depth and success of these efforts may vary widely, chances are your process is helpful.

Let me be clear that I am not trying to downplay the intentOnboarding needs to be more than just an HR process. Leaders must have a role if they want to develop great employees from their new employees.ion or value of what your Human Resources (or others) are doing.

We want (and need) processes for filling out the paperwork, getting people their passwords, ID badges and the myriad of other things that are required. We also need organized presentations to provide the big picture of the organization, tours of the facilities and more.

It just isn’t enough – and the rest isn’t their responsibility.

It is yours.

We need more than onboarding procedures, processes and presentations. What we nee…