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Many journalists can't provide the value-added journalism that is needed today

Journalists pretend they spend their time investigating the intricacies of international affairs, covering the inner workings of the economic system, and exposing abuses of political and economic power. Although many aspire to do so (and occasionally do with great effect), the reality is far from the imagined sense of self.

Most journalists spend the majority of their time reporting what a mayor said in a prepared statement, writing stories about how parents can save money for university tuition, covering the release of the latest versions of popular electronic devices, or finding out if a sports figure’s injury will affect performance in the next match.

Most cover news in a fairly formulaic way, reformatting information released by others: the agenda for the next town council meeting, the half dozen most interesting items from the daily police reports, what performances will take place this weekend, and the quarterly financial results of a local employer. These standard stories are mer…

How Companies Can Help Your Business Succeed

At the root of many successful businesses is an effective cash flow structure that is able to manage accounts receivable and lending against receivables. Cash flow management is vital to the profitability of a business, because commercial enterprises must also pay bills, just like everybody else.
A factoring service is designed to simplify accounts receivable management, by making it possible for the business to get a loan against receivables, based on the credit rating of the person who owes the money to the business. This type of service is an option for any business that has been having trouble collecting on unpaid invoices. Factoring companies are used in many industries and for businesses of all sizes, because they can assist in creating an efficient financial processing framework.

Factoring companies are responsible for helping a business convert accounts receivable into cash. A factoring company, sometimes referred to as accounts receivable financing, will help any business ma…