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Career Advice - Three Secrets To Telling Your Story For Career And Life Success

When was the last time you received a job promotion? You are doing a great job at work but everyone else seems to get the promotion you want. You may even start making excuses as to why you are not getting the career promotions you deserve. Well, I ask you the following question:
Did you ever tell your story?
The following career advice story will show you how to put your career on the fast track:
Recently, I was facilitating an oceanfront retreat for over two hundred employees of a university. During this session, I had the participants think of something or somebody they appreciate. I then asked for volunteers to share with the group whom or what they appreciate and why this is important to them.
Lonnie volunteered and stood up in front of the group to share his thoughts of appreciation. Lonnie explained that in his job he helps children improve their lives. He mentioned that whatever the lowest pay and title scale was, he was at that level. However, he said that was all right beca…

Mail Services Benefit Any Business

Mail, sometimes overflowing mailboxes and desks, is an essential part of modern business communication. All businesses, no matter what their type, will receive mail. Bills, payments, invoices, merchandise, letters, and much more are sent from and delivered to businesses all around the world.
While sending and receiving mail may seem easy enough, it isn’t always, especially for businesses. This is why the development of mail services is important. Mail services being offered to a business are most commonly being provided by an individual or a company who specializes in offering a healthy connection between businesses and their clients. There are a number of features that could be included in a mail service package. The features being offered will all depend on the individual or company who is offering the mail service. While the features being offered may vary there are a number of features that are commonly found in a mail service.
Professional mail services are likely to offer a new…

Careers And Recruitment

A major part of every working person’s life is their career and career progression. It ranks alongside family, health and finance as the most important considerations of almost the entire population. Therefore, many people need and use every tool, help and piece of advice they can get in order to further their careers. As well as progression through a pre-defined career path such as the medical or law industries, people can stay within their own sector or have a complete career change and tackle something completely different. The choice of career and employment throughout the world is huge, with increasing opportunities to work abroad and in various sectors throughout someone’s employment lifetime.
The internet is becoming an increasingly important part of career advice for many, many people. Lots of information on careers and job vacancies is available on the internet as well as the fact that people can get advice and help on the next steps to take in their career progression onlin…

Changing frequency of newspaper publication is not a sign of the apocalypse

The number of newspapers that have reduced their publication frequency in response to market changes and economic conditions continues to rise.

This year the Times-Herald in Newnan, Georgia shifted from 7 days a week to 5 days per week. The New Orleans Times-Picayune moved to 3-day per week schedule, as has The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa., and many papers in the Advance Publications group.

In doing so, the papers are bolstering their digital publications and producing in physical form only on days that most interest retail advertisers. From the financial standpoint, these moves make a great deal of sense.

Reactions to the changes have ranged from disbelief to resignation in the journalism community. Many have bemoaned the loss of dailies and argued non-dailies cannot possibly serve their communities as well. That argument is problematic, of course, because there have typically been 3-4 times more weeklies than dailies in the U.S. and many have done far better jobs covering towns and …