Top 4 safety tips for drivers who want lower insurance rates and more security

Whether you have a new car or an old one, it is imperative that you take into consideration certain safety measures to ensure that you and your family is safe while riding the said vehicle. Staying safe on the road and being road safe i.e. a safe driver also lowers your car insurance premium.

Maintain a Clean Record At The DMV

Follow all traffic rules. If you always get a speeding ticket or a ticket because you keep beating the stop light, you will never get a clean record at the DMV. Keeping a good record at the DMV is not only good for your driving reputation but will also ensure that you get a good deal from car insurance companies because the safer driver you are, the lower your premiums will be. Driving under the influence does not help in maintaining a good, clean record at the DMV and this gets a special mention because a number of Americans get arrested for drinking under the influence. If you are drunk, have your spouse drive or have someone to come pick you up.

Safety Features

All the safety features of your car should always be in good, working order. Your airbags should be working, the seatbelts should be maintained and your brakes should always be checked by your mechanic. To ensure that you get the best car insurance rates, you should also make sure that your car has an alarm system in case someone tries to drive away with your vehicle.


Regular checking of leaks in your engine is a good way for you to make sure that everything is working fine. Your engine oil should be changed every time too it reaches a certain number of miles. All fluids such as antifreeze, engine oil, brake fluid etc should all be in good working order.

Take It Slow

Doing it the fast and the furious way is only made for the movies and these guys have a lot of money to spend on gas. If you drive slow, you are less likely to be involved in an accident and you get to save on gas too!

Keeping these 4 tips in mind you will be safe while driving and have greater chances to receive a lower premium on your car insurance.


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