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What Are the Best Businesses to Start in 2012?

As the new year begins, many are asking, "what are the best businesses to start in 2012?" As we roll along through this second month of the year, with the unemployment figures still quite grim, even more people are asking this question. Not only are both men and women looking for a "Plan B" in case their job comes to an end, but many are wanting to venture into a new business as a diversion from the day to day routine in which they may find themselves mired.

If you are one of those who are seeking a new business at the onset of this year, perhaps it would be prudent to conduct some simple research. If you are one of those starting from scratch, the best indicator for a business which would be your best choice could be something that you and also your family members are already interested in. Perhaps it is a current hobby, or perhaps it was something which you had done in years past and want to re-visit as a possible business venture. However, like all businesses, t…

Four Ways HRO Firms Can Help Boost Employee Morale and Improve Productivity

Your employees are smart - they sense the vibe of your workplace, whether you have an open door policy with full disclosure, or not. When the economy is down and sales are flat, it is important to maintain a positive and upbeat work environment, regardless of your financial statement. In recent years, thousands of employers have begun turning to Human Resources Outsourcing firms for support. An HRO firm provides many services that help improve employee morale and productivity.

Motivated Employees

Despite the common perception, increases in salaries or financial bonuses are NOT the number one motivational factor for employees. Study after study proves that employee development, training and recognition programs are the primary motivators in the workforce. Most employees recognize the difficult financial times and will allow their employers a "pass" if they skip this year's bonus, but not if they feel under-appreciated. Recognize and appreciate your staff, and they will c…

Two Small Business Essentials - Accounting and Bookkeeping

Information is an important resource for businesses of all sizes and the people that are employed within. Businesses need to collect data and information pertaining to the financial performance of the business, to process this data and make it into a format that is easy to access to base informed business decisions. As a result of the need to have timely and accurate accounting and bookkeeping information, the development of management information systems has become predominant in all industries and expertise. This system is designed to collect, process, record, report and convert the data collected into a usable format for management and other decision makers within the business to make accurate decisions. As with any decision, the quality of the decision is only as good as the data that it is based upon. With the business implementing an accounting and bookkeeping system that accurately records and reports on a timely basis is the key to making better business decisions.

With the ad…

Is the future of digital journalism an outside job?

Making small digital news providers sustainable has become the holy grail of journalists and the search continues for workable business models and revenue streams.

Advertising may produce some revenue, but it will never generate sufficient resources to support digital journalism because so little advertising money is available for sites with small audiences. About three-quarters of all online advertising goes to the top 10 sites and Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Yahoo account for about 60 percent of all online revenue. This leaves very little advertising expenditures to be contested among all other players--of which news providers are only a small fraction. At the same time, the prices paid for online advertising are falling because there are so many sites offering advertising, the advertising inventory is nearly infinite, and audiences continue fragmenting.

This means the majority of funding for start-up digital journalism must come from elsewhere and online news sites—especially st…

Beyond the Human Resource Function: What Lies Ahead?

An increasingly common theme in Human Resource (HR) literature in the 1990's concerns how the HR Department can make a greater contribution to the success of the business it serves. To do so, we must first change our view of the Human Resource role as being only executable within a traditional "Department." We must view HR more as a "function," or "a set of activities," than as a department. While HR services may not be delivered in the future via what we know as a Department, they must be delivered in some way. This article is about the realm of possibilities.

The HR Function Today

Today the HR Department is in a transitional phase. Some organizations have long ago realized that the HR Department can make a greater difference. Others need convincing. A positive trend seems to be developing, as evidenced in publications of the Human Resource professional's accrediting organization, the Society for Human Resource Management, (e.g. see HR Magazine, …

How to Boost Employee Morale

he new year is a time for personal resolutions and goals, but it does not have to be all about the personal aspect. It is also a great idea to make resolutions and goals for your business and professional pursuits. As you know, your employees are essential to the everyday livelihood of your business. That's why one of your goals should be to show your appreciation to all of those that make your professional and business goals a reality. Here are three simple ways to show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work, dedication, and loyalty:

New Year Bonuses or Raises - Starting out the New Year with a bonus or a small raise can really boost employee morale. It shows that you appreciate the work they do and that they're a vital part of your ever-growing company. The bonuses or raises don't have to be a substantial amount that will stress your company's finances, but it should be enough to show your appreciation. If you don't have the money to give bonuses …

How Pay Raises Lower Employee Morale

As the economy looks like it might be improving, more employers are thinking about giving raises to their employees. While employers say that telling an employee he's getting a raise is one of the most satisfying parts of being in charge, this act could actually result in an employee uprising if not done properly.

How? Let's say that you have not given any raises over the past year and now you choose to give raises.

There are two basic ways to give raises: (1) You give them to a few of your most important employees; or (2) You give them to all your employees.

1. Raises for a select few:

When you sit down with your most important employees to tell them they are getting a raise, you may be surprised when the employees are not as excited as you thought they would be.

Employees may think that any raises will be a catch-up for not receiving a raise the previous year. The way in which you bring up the subject of raises and how you let your employees know of their importance to your …