Have You Hardwired Your Workforce?

In an economy like what we are experiencing today, good news today, bad news in Europe tomorrow after the bell,  one of the first budget cuts we see is usually in training & development. As all HR and astute CEOs know, training is one of the key life bloods of an organization that builds your workforce skills and is a launch pad for growth.One of the key elements for continuing training of your human capital is instilling that training is important to them and that they should take the time to expand their skills, grow their competencies, and make it a ritual in their working lives. It is an investment in their capital assets. So how do you do this? Here are a couple of important guidelines:
  1. make sure there is a solid training strategy that ties to the corporations' goal/objectives
    keep the training budget as much in place as possible
  2. make sure your managers buy into the training strategy
  3. managers must emphasize that training is important to them
  4. offer eLearning options for your employees through companies like SkillSoft
  5. provide time each week for learning
  6. show the outcome of skills training so people see the end result
  7. post notices on your intranet regarding skills training
  8. make sure that you subsidize if not pay in full the training that people take that is relevant to their current position or one that in next in line for them. There has to be a solid ROI.
These are just a few areas where you as managers and leaders of organizations can ensure that you build and maintain the most competent workforce that will help you drive revenues and profits. It will also help reduce turnover and build loyalty within the organization.


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