Boil the HR Ocean - Internally

I am sure you have heard that term before and if not, it was derived from group process thinking at IBM.

I had a conversation with a good friend who is working in Houston who said he is changing everything the company is doing from an HR prospective. He is boiling the ocean and has the support of the CEO. But not so fast, does he have a strategic plan on changing how HR operates. Certainly there is a strategic plan for how HR integrates with the company strategy but the day -to-day stuff, is there a plan or is he going about it as he looks at each element of what the HR team does?

My thought is he does. So I will ask each of you do you have a plan when you go into a new organization on how you change the day-to-day operations? I hope so. I would think that the process or outline on the strategy would first be based on the following in descending order after you get buy-in from the executive team:
  1. What does the company need or want 
  2. What non-technical programs/systems can stay as is
  3. Do you have a budget
  4. what software programs/systems will support the change and subsequent changes
  5. Do you have the right people in the right jobs
  6. Are you prepared to hire the right people
  7. Will the changes dramatically change the face of the department and value to the employees/company
  8. Can you implement this in a timely and effective manner
  9. Do you have measurements in place to determine the net effect?
I am sure you have all looked at this, but how many of you have truly implemented an internal change plan in a gross and effective manner? 

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