Every Challenge is A New Opportunity for Change!!

Find this hard to believe?  Stay with me for a few minutes and just open your mind to the possibilities that there is a new opportunity regardless of the challenge you are facing today!

Now my head is not in the sand…I read the newspaper, listen to my friends, family, coaching clients and colleagues all facing insurmountable challenges in their life with major loss such as job, income, decline in their 401k, lost homes to foreclosure, serious illness, loss of a loved one, divorce…you name it…it is not good news!  Hopelessness, sadness, depression, fear, doubt and obstacles keeping us stuck!

Then you have some “optimist” that says…there is an opportunity here really!!!   Think about it-what goes up must come down, without success there is no failure, no pain- no gain, without bad you don’t experience good…you get it!  These things are the same just opposite sides of the spectrum and it is all how we perceive them…without one, we wouldn’t have the other!
This is not the view of an optimist (although we live by it) it is the “Law of Polarity”….a matter of fact no two ways about it.  It’s a universal law and like all universal laws…you cannot change that fact that they exists.  You cannot manipulate, fool or escape it so work with it!    So how do we create opportunity?

First step is awareness…really what is happening here?  Take a few minutes to assess your situation and ask yourself what do I want instead?  If I have what I want instead, what does that look like for me?  How will I feel if I experience the opposite of what I am experiencing today?  Now decide on what you want and make the choice….yes, it is that simple to make the choice to change your current outcome.  It all starts with this step!

The fastest and least painful path is the power of acceptance.  Did you know that acceptance of what you currently are experience acts as the polar opposite of resistance and will help you attract more of what you consciously desire!   One of my favorite sayings is ‘what we think about comes about’.   It starts with our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions.  And, I also believe our state of mind and thoughts change our outcome the second you change your thoughts.  There are times when I act “asif” it has already happened by working from the end result.I naturally assume it is happening and more times than not….the results show up!  It’s one of the major gifts of life that works like magic..really!

You have the power of choice to how you experience life.  Consider the possibilities, opportunities and change in your life you want and put your Intention, Attention and Action to changing just ONE thing that is challenging you today.  Write down all your beliefs about the situation and include all the frustration, anger and disappointment and release the negative thoughts.  Get a new piece of paper and create your desired outcome as if the choice is all yours (because it is!) and start creating what you want.

a repost from Caole M. Sacino's blog


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