Six Employee Engagement Ideas to Help Re-engage Your Employees After An Economic Crisis

A lot of what you hear today from HR executives and consultants is the issue of employee engagement. Are your employees engaged or does it just seem that way? Do you feel your employees get what the company strategy is and are they helping to really achieve it? 
This is a re-post but I still believe that we are all facing uncertainty within our workforce. I feel as though we are seeing things improve (slowly) but many of our employees are still not sure of their future. If you are looking for a few ideas to re-engage your employees, read the list below to see how you can make a difference.
For your employees, for your leaders as we optimistically look for a more solid recovery from this economic crisis:
1. Increase employee communications
· Bad news is better than no news
· Build trust - be open and forthcoming with information
· Seek feedback from direct reports
· Be innovative – design new methods for employees to communicate with management
· Be a good listener - allow employees to vent and express their concerns
2. Understand and plan for future staffing needs today
· Continuously assess employee workloads
· Downsizing or ‘rightsizing’ causes stress
· Job consolidation causes stress
· Stress impacts quality and productivity
3. Continuously coach employees and managers who have not worked during an economic crisis
· Purpose is to maximize core strengths and minimize weakness
· Teach active listening skills
· Offer group sessions to talk through different economic issues impacting the business
4. Emphasize training & development
· Identify and better utilize the strengths of existing staff
· Focus on developing existing talent through ongoing training
· Assess those who may have skills that may be needed elsewhere in the company
· Shift your highly flexible and cross-trained workforce to other functions as needed
5. Strategically add and/or upgrade your staff
· This activity will strengthen your company when the economic recovery begins
· This kind of thinking enables competitive advantage
· Place an emphasis deploying a more highly skilled workforce
6. Focus on retention efforts to deflect the higher turnover rates expected as the economic recovery takes hold
· As more jobs become available, turnover risks increase
· Focus on your top talent to ensure that they stay with your company as outside opportunities increase

What are your thoughts on this and are you making headway in getting your employees really engaged? 

Posted by Lisa Wojtkowiak, SPHR


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