What Do Experts Say About Human Resources Changing Role?

The experts have looked at HR over the past 10 years or so very critically. They have criticized HR for not focusing on the reason they all really have jobs, PEOPLE. They have also looked at HR to be a leader in moving the mundane issues they deal with to outsourced providers such as benefits administration, HRIS, hiring, service awards, and programs like that. They have also viewed HR as a slow moving profession in the area of strategic human capital investment, business acumen and strategic planning. 

I agree with them in all these areas as well as defining the following areas:

  • Outsourcing of human resources, as a profession, will go into the billion dollars range to service providers like BeneFlex and IBM
  • HR people will need to collaborate with line managers in identifying potential leaders as they focus on the human capital aspect for which they have been criticized. Emotional intelligence and diversity management will continue to gain importance especially in the C-Suite area.
  • Hr will have to find the right HR response to rapidly developing/changing industries as globalization continues to drive business direction.
  • Hr will need to be faster, smarter, and more efficient in internal consulting services holds the key to success in many industries
  • Human resource competencies play crucial role in organizational success and the hiring CEO needs to look beyond his/her current thinking on the value and contribution HR will make to the organization.
  • HR cannot rest on its laurels, they have to continue to build win after win to show their real ROI to the organization, and 
  • HR needs to know the business inside and out to add that value. 
So if HR does not move fast to change in our ever changing business environment, there will be no HR in the future. You can take that to the bank for an old HR pro. 


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