A Word to Those Looking - FUTURE VIEW

In the past 2 years I have had many friends lose jobs through reductions in force, forced retirements, and other methods of exiting those in the older age brackets. This has made way for more workers who have a longer corporate life span in a job and also freed up fixed expenses to invest in other areas. 

I have said this over and over even in the best of business climates that you always have to look forward and think that today could be your last day at your work. Why would I think that way well here are a couple of reasons you should really think about:

  • it keeps you focused on the future, not the past; 
  • you are never comfortable in your job, which makes you anxious;
  • you continue to keep up with the times that way .
In a recent presentation to a WIND community group I heard people talking about the past; I was going to retire there and look what happened to me;  I didn't keep up with my network;  I missed a great opportunity; and lastly technology passed me by. All valid and all sad because of comfort. 

My feeling is this for those who are looking for work, and this is what I have told them in interviews over the years: 
  • always keep energized, look to the future and see where you fit;
  • keep up with the times (technology) and always read as much as you can on the latest and greatest, then test out technology at your closest electronics store or download test versions of new software;
  • look young and think young, never think you are too old or out of an opportunity because the company seems young;
  • always enhance your current skill sets, take night courses, read, read, and read
  • dress for today and tomorrow, not yesterday;
  • keep in shape, always question your appearance, because most of your friends won't;
  • be contemporary.
I have heard it all too many times before, they did not choose me because of my age, and an article in the AJC reminded me today how important this is!!! They did not choose you because either you did not have the skills or your presentation was stuck in the past. You don't want to be the brides maid or best man you want to be the bride or groom. Think that way. 


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