Tasking Out of Control

I am sure a lot of HR practicioners have had the issue of having too much on their plate at one time. I know over the years I had. What a sinking feeling wanting to excel at each task and wondering how you would balance them. Most HR VP's would task out specific elements of a task or the whole task to a subordinate. That is the practical thing to do. But, what about the things that that person has on his or her plate? Did you think of that? 

Well, I know that people have a tendency to task out projects and the like and then manage them from afar. The micro managers of course manage the projects and really hinder the subordinates ability to manage and complete the task feeling like he or she really did contribute. I call that managing out of control and it is a problem when you have a micro manager managing a task that you have been assigned to complete. So what do you do? 

Here are a couple of ideas and they helped me over the years:

  1. make sure you understand the task and ask questions immediately if you don't
  2. tell the manager that you have everything under control
  3. provide the micro manager with a daily or semi-weekly update(s) so he/she understands you are on track to complete the task on time (and in some cases when budgets are in play, under or on budget)
  4. ask for assistance immediately if you are stuck on an issue or hindered by the supply side of the project be it a vendor or another manager that is throwing up roadblocks
  5. volunteer to be the best practice person in your department for your project or element of the project
Many managers have the tendency to stay on top of a project that hinders completion or complicates the  project, it is the subordinates responsibility to help the manager understand that it is in good hands. 

What has been your experience in being the lead person on a project and experiencing "tasking out of control"?


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