Current International HR Shock - Future HR International Talent Drought

There has been more and more press and association discussions about the quality of human resources professionals in business today. From the small company in Butte, MN to the large company in Allentown, PA localized human resources does not make it in today's world. The old adage "think locally" still resonates through the profession. 

The shock is that we operate in a global economy and not just an economy within our borders. If we think locally and not globally then we lose, and I mean lose big in today's world. In the constant evaluation of product offerings and how far they reach throughout the world we also have to evaluate if our(your)human resources professionals also reach throughout the world. What do I mean, let me be more clear:

  • does your HR team understand global exchange?
  • does your HR team think outside your domestic boarders and do they understand global econometrics?
  • does your HR team understand how to manage people abroad, and do they understand local international laws and the financial ramifications to your bottom line?
  • does your HR team think in terms of international competition?
  •  is your HR team flexible to move internationally and do they speak a second language?
  • can your HR team communicate effectively with your company's partners outside your borders?
  • are your HR teams focus still on tactical issues rather than global insight?
The list can go on and on but these are just a few of the issues your team needs to think about in today's world. If they don't then there is a real drought on talent for the 21st century. Having worked for an international company you have to understand these very important issues and operating processes.

Is your HR team ready to address the international economic trade and business environment? I would like your thoughts on this important subject. I also think that SHRM and other HR associations need to change their focus and emphasize the international issues.


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