Start The "New Year" Off Right - Reassess

Now that we have entered into 2011 it is time for every HR executive and manager to reassess everything top to bottom. When you think of it you probably did your budget in September or October, your staffing plans about the same time when the strat plan was being done. You also built your own strategy plan around the company plan. 

Well, now that 2010 is gone and some assumptions may not be valid today reassess everything. It is also time to reassess your own value to the organization and how you can add additional value and less HR bureaucracy and other HR administrivia. Now I know that as executives in the new world of HR you do not focus on this stuff you should make sure your managers and key subject personnel have a direct line of sight to the business and not to build their own castle. 

So, in summary, reassess the following in detail and re-evaluate the net effect on the bottom line:

  • HR strategy plan
  • HR budget for 2011 and subsequent years if you are on a multi-year planning basis
  • HR staff and what the business needs today vs last year
  • Staffing plans by group(s), division(s), department(s)
  • Training and development - although in your budget, make sure you have departments that are outliers re-added to your budget and reassess each individual plan
  • HR technology needs
  • HR products that move your company to a self-service, self-reliant organization
Check these things out now and make sure that you are ahead of the game rather than your CEO telling you to look at these things 


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